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akow hearts austin, tx

Comments by: YACCS

today is Monday

linus some guy told a story at work today, about how he punched some other guy in the crotch. and everyone who was listening laughed, including me! because groin punching and work is funny. oh, i also think its funny when i update about stupid things and waste everyones time. goodnight.

7/29/2002 03:40:00 AM email linus jump! to top

today is Sunday

rocketo so.. to wrap up.

Of the AKOW seven, Lela and I are officially the last to be awake. We made a short (ha) video to commemorate the event. This one's in media player only, because I have bandwidth I have to consider.

So, goodnight to all. Everyone rules!

yee haws from texas,

7/28/2002 08:37:00 AM email rocketo jump! to top

a cow

or is it "a-koh"? I still don't know!

Am I last? I think this is the last post, huh? I cannot believe Blogger didn't crash or explode or something!

Well, it's been fun. I had a blast "meeting" some of you for the first time. I'm going to bed. I have baseball to watch in 11 hours. Happy Blogathon everyone.

7/28/2002 07:59:00 AM email Mike jump! to top

linus ahaha. so. the last post. uhm, seeing as none of you but josh know me, and ive been here for a bit, so i thought i'd introduce myself. wait. i cant remember if i have introduced myself or not. well, second guessing is for pussies, so here goes. i'm damion. i'm 20. i don't go to school. i live in san marcos with 4 other people. annnd i quit chewing my nails recently, but i picked up smoking in its stead. shit. i do have another page, which i haven't updated in quite some time, due to me being busy/apathetic. but i just recently have been trying to do something with it, considering the domain was a birthday present. http://www.aboypoints.net. thats the thing you click to take you there. here are some pictures i took on the webcam we have on our computer to take pictures with. auheuh.

wasnt that pleasant? ok. seeing how this was a relatively "sane" update i'll leave you with, uh. whatever.

7/28/2002 07:25:00 AM email linus jump! to top

Mike The sun is up.

How much money are we raising anyway? Any less than $2.51, and I say this sucks.

After this, I'm going to wash dishes. At 7:00 am.

All of the kick-ass infomercials come on late at night. What a waste.

Blogathon has given me an excuse to NOT spread sand in my yard tomorrow. Thank you, Blogathon.

The exact second that my head touches the pillow, I will be asleep. That's a promise.

Stixxx is a Top 5 freak. When you rank New Found Glory (and I admit it's a GOOD CD) above The Queers, you're strange.

My Top 5 "Top 5 Lists" posted by Stixxx during the Blogathon...

5. top 5 bugs
4. top 5 back to the future movies
3. top 5 worst band names
2. top 5 party games
1. top 5 ways to kill a two-headed dragon

I can assure you that I will wake up in time for the Cubs/Cardinals game on ESPN at 7:00 tonight.

My Top 5 Major League Baseball Teams

5. Atlanta Braves
4. Chicago White Sox
3. Houston Astros
2. Oakland A's
1. Chicago Cubs

The History Channel sucks. I swear. You can turn it on and see for yourself, or you can just trust me on this one.

Is anyone still reading this stuff?

See you in 60.

7/28/2002 06:57:00 AM email Mike jump! to top

tp stixxx well.. it's 6:30 am, and this is it for me. talking with ivey a few hours a go, i think this has been one of the weirdest days of my life.hehe.. but it was fun. thanks to josh for putting this thing together.

now, it's time for more sleep...

Top 5 Best Albums of the Year (so far)
5. New Found Glory - Sticks and Stones
4. Simple Plan - No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls
3. Midtown - Living Well Is The Best Revenge
2. Superdrag - Last Call For Vitriol
1. Weezer - Maladroit

still no jammin'... more sleep..... goodnight all.

7/28/2002 06:32:00 AM email tp stixxx jump! to top

rocketo poop! poop! poop!

yeah. so, I thought I'd take this opportunity to post some interesting things I've come across in Saturday's Life & Arts section.

1. Today features Ann Landers' last column. We'll have to start bitching to Heloise when our "fiancees" never commit to a wedding date.

2. Have you ever noticed this in the Hi and Lois comic?
See the neighbor? Remember that face.
See Chip? Come clean about your illegitimate Thurston child, Lois.

7/28/2002 05:59:00 AM email rocketo jump! to top

Mike So... How about a limerick? Freestyle limerick, to be exact.

There once was a man they called Rocket
He stuck his thumb into a socket
His hand became numb
He said, "Boy, that was dumb."
And now keeps his hand in his pocket

That was bad. But it's 5-freaking-30 am. Who cares. Let's try


TP was often called "Stixxx"
He liked to build houses for kicks
At first he used hay
But the house blew away
So from that moment on, he used bricks

Anyone want to join me in my pathetic attempts at writing limericks??

7/28/2002 05:27:00 AM email Mike jump! to top

linus my monitor is telling me, amonst other things, to "check out Blogger Pro. New features, performance, flexibility..." i assume the elipses is indicative of way more cool words that the monitor couldnt tell me about just yet. or maybe not. whatever. its 5 in the morning on the sabbath day of the 2002nd year of our lord and savior. im going to start a pants company called savior. my pants will be easily purchasable at the nearest Dillards. i will ask them to place teh savior pants section next to the crackers. but they dont have crackers in dillards you say? well i say boo to you, and boo to you. wait. repition is funny, like farting in a babies face. because they cant run or do anything but smell it, and crinkle their little stupid baby nose in disgust. HAHAHAHA.

7/28/2002 04:57:00 AM email linus jump! to top

rocketo Donuts!

You see, this is the real reason why I live in Round Rock. We have the best donuts. Ever. Krispy Kreme? No. That's like eating uncultured lard compared to these yellow beauties. Coming to visit me in Round Rock is worth it, because you'll receive a delicious Round Rock donut if you visit after four am.

7/28/2002 04:32:00 AM email rocketo jump! to top

Mike Wow!! I left Baton Rouge around 2:40 and here it is... 3:57... and I'm posting!! The Travoltas were amazing, no matter how HORRIBLE the sound was. I talked to the band and we're going to try to play together in February when they're back over here. They were really nice guys. I did get spit on... I don't like that... but it was during the "punk rock" song. Is that when he spit last night too?? Let me know. If it's his "punk rock" side, I guess it's like 10% acceptable.

Well, I've got 3 posts left, so I'll be around.

7/28/2002 04:00:00 AM email Mike jump! to top

mafai So I'm still up and running, still working on the site, and my ass hurts. I need a drink. I will see you guys later I'm going to sleep. Here's an intersting thought before I go...

Foxtrot Kicks ass!

7/28/2002 03:35:00 AM email mafai jump! to top

catie so, it's about 3am. i've had about 30 minutes of sleep. how about you guys?

i'm hungry...man. how about you guys?
don't parties usually have chips and dip? the only thing served at this party is shaving cream..hahah..am i losing my mind yet? i think so.

oh, and i think i'm done posting pictures for the night. the other couple i have uploaded are scary. like, whoa. so, yeah.

you know what's cool? i know no one is reading this except for MAYBE 4 other people, who are all sitting in front of their computer, waitng for their turn to post here. hahah...wooohoooo!!

7/28/2002 02:56:00 AM email catie jump! to top

linus the past 5 mp3s i have downloaded.
1. roxanne, the police.
2. i wanna be your dog, the stooges
3. the cowboy song, thin lizzy
4. teenage riot, sonic youth
5. where did you sleep last night?, nirvana

so, what this list equates, is, basically, and comma-rifficly, im a bad-ass, dude.
woah, i didnt know the dude below me just did a top 5 list, too. super nintendo, you are like crack, my love.

7/28/2002 02:27:00 AM email linus jump! to top

tp stixxx well.. it's 2am now, and i'm still up. i'm so damn tired and i have work tomorrow. luckily it's a short day, so i can crash when i get home.

happy birthday catie. 20's a good age. you'll like it. i remember when i turned 20... that wonderful brisk morning of may 18, 2002. you will now feel the the same coming-of-age feeling the i felt. in one more year, you'll be able to get into the strip joints. i know you're looking forward to it. what 20 year old isn't? if they say they aren't looking forward to it, they're lying.

blah.. you know the routine... who cares what order they're in!

top 5 snes games
jurassic park
super r-type
super mario kart

blah. it's 2 am. no jammin'. go to sleep.

7/28/2002 02:00:00 AM email tp stixxx jump! to top

sourpatchkid well, i'll be the first to say that i'm a fucking bitch and i'm very sorry. on a different note i am completely blocked on what to say. i used to play with "my little ponies" when i was young. but now i don't. now i play with nothing. i don't even know what i'm saying......this blog sucks big time. i suck...i'm blah! there is a train in the distance. ok yeah that's all

7/28/2002 01:33:00 AM email sourpatchkid jump! to top

mafai So I drank all the mocha frap; however, my mind still really can't make connections to words I try to find and my typing has become more dsyclexisc over the past hour or so. I've been working on my website for the past few hours and I think it's coming along quite nicely. I'm hoping I get ooooo's and ahhhhh's sooner or later, whenever I finish it, which won't be in the nearest future because most of the information hasn't been received, but I will post it in 3 weeks perhaps. As for sleep, I begin my dive into sleep deprivation because that's what I'm good at doing apparently. I remember when I had not sleep for hours on end and me and my roomie were talking about time travel, he asked to a fucking tired Andrew, "Hey man, if you could travel 300 years into the future, what would you do?" I frustratingly said, "I'd masturbate, I'd fucking masturbate."

7/28/2002 01:12:00 AM email mafai jump! to top

rocketo You know what? It may not be my turn, but it sure as hell is my party. Here's another picture from la casa de joshie. From left, that's Todd, Lela, Catie, and Me. Whee!

7/28/2002 12:47:00 AM email rocketo jump! to top


this painting is entitled "stained glass". well, because it reminds me of the stained glass in the churches in rome when i visited last month. ok i didn't really leave the country...or austin for that matter. i don't know why i painted it...but it was my most enduring painting. i put a lot of work into it. i hope you like. i've never shown my stuff before to the public. i think it's silly, but josh used the term "artist" and wants me to hang some stuff in this gallery his family is opening. the gallery is located here, in this very cottage where the blogathon is taking place. peace. happy birthday cath. one more year and your life will end as you know it.haha jk

7/28/2002 12:30:00 AM email sourpatchkid jump! to top

catie it's officially my birthday!!!

the big 2-0...

7/28/2002 12:00:00 AM email catie jump! to top

today is Saturday

tp stixxx well.. i'm back, and i didn't get top see Silent Friction. instead, i saw the first 3 bands, and they all sucked. and i paid 8 bucks. at least in new orleans, they KNOW the bands are crappy and they only charge you 5. but no.. nashville bands think they're good... anyway. i'm just mad that i missed the travoltas.

hey! look out for that cockroach!! hey, ivey, hand me some pretzels. man.. this party rocks. turn up the rock and roll!!! owwww!!!!

yeah. it's getting late. 5 down, 2 to go. i hope everyone is enjoying my top 5 lists. i spent months thinking of these things.

top 5 ways to kill a two-headed dragon
5. chop off the heads of the two-headed dragon voodoo doll
4. feed him chocolate
3. sing the greatest song in the world
2. lasso him and drag him into sub-zero temperatures
1. step on his tail and call his momma a hoe

jammin' to: "Lameface" - Feable Weiner

7/27/2002 11:30:00 PM email tp stixxx jump! to top


nada surf is one of my all time favorite bands. you should all love them if you don't already. that's also one of my most favorite pictures ever.

so, yeah. whoa! speak of the devil...nada surf just came on this little playlist josh has playing on the computer.

josh is afraid of cockroaches...can you believe that?? he jumped! hahah..and i had to kill it. (i used his shoe, of course.) it was entertaining..for sure.

7/27/2002 11:00:00 PM email catie jump! to top

sourpatchkid it's 10:29 p.m. i fear for my life, but also am looking at a possible love connection. josh lives in a creature jungle. there is a mouse and a cockroach. at 1 point they were playing with each other. josh jumped and screamed like a girly man, but then got me back when he screamed"oh my god. there's a creature behind you!!!!". this will be a fun night indeed. there is sexual tension between us 3 and the living creatures amongst us. some 1 will definitely be getting their groove on. will it be the humans or the creatures getting it on, or will we intermingle and have a love fest with man and mouse???? that'll keep ya thinking

7/27/2002 10:35:00 PM email sourpatchkid jump! to top

mafai I just got back from dinner, and from coffee. I had Ravioli Marinara with spinich filliing, because the place is vegetarian, it was pretty good. I also came to find out that 2 of the workers at my local Starbucks are moving away, one to Seattle, and another to Washington D.C. How come Starbucks workers get to travel in life, and I'm stuck here. I got a mocha frap to keep me up for the nite shift.

7/27/2002 10:06:00 PM email mafai jump! to top


wooo! hoo! i can't believe it's not even 10oclock yet...insanity. that lovely picture up there is a tilt-a-whirl, i took it while driving down i-35.

damn, i'm not really sure what to blog about... how about...like..hmm...how i'm sleepy. and had to wake up at 6am for work. ..6am!!! and oddly...a bunch of people from high school showed up today. randomly. i never see people from high school...

have any of you had the mystery starbursts? in the white wrapping? man, that stuff is strange.

7/27/2002 09:30:00 PM email catie jump! to top

rocketo the video is now actually there. it took me ages to get it. when the dsl comes back to me like a scorned but redeemed lover, I'll put up more. vids are fun!

I feel bad that there's nothing else for me to say. Here's a webcam pic from the party.
the lela show

7/27/2002 08:55:00 PM email rocketo jump! to top

catie i'm going to tell you all about lela's crush. you see, lela has a big crush on this guy...

although, she'd probably kill me if i said his name...and stuff. so, just know that he's the lead singer of a local austin band. haha... man, she's over in the kitchen finishing a painting she's been working on. i'm really glad she's not in here.

i'm really liking todd's top 5 lists...entertaining and informative as always. hah.

7/27/2002 08:29:00 PM email catie jump! to top

tp stixxx so.. the mcdonald's grilled chicken flatbread sandwich... it's pretty damn gross. it started off ok, but then i don't know what happened... it was like too much of whatever the creamy condiment was on it. i couldn't really tell. it was like, sour cream or something. but anyway, i didn't enjoy it too much. i enjoyed my pb&j sandwiches much more.

i'm going to see this band called Silent Friction with doug tonight. i'm listening to their stuff on mp3.com, and it's pretty good, but it's not really wow-ing me. i guess it'll be cool to get out and check out the local nashville talent/competition. i'll be back at 11:30 to post again.

thanks to catie for the nice Travoltas pictures... now i know what i'm missing down in Baton Rouge tonight...

Top 5 'Back to the Future' movies
3. back to the future III
2. back to the future I
1. back to the future II

jammin' to: "Endless Summer" - Travoltas

7/27/2002 08:00:00 PM email tp stixxx jump! to top

sourpatchkid haha...listening to fiona apple and incubus. cathleen's about to shit. a big massive shit. last week i was walking down congress. there was this old man with feathers in his hat. i wanted to touch 1 ever so bad. but i had to give him my body in order to do so...what the fuck is that about?!!!!!
those feathers were the softest things ever to touch my naked body.

7/27/2002 07:33:00 PM email sourpatchkid jump! to top


mike will be seeing these guys tonight! woo!

the travoltas totally rocked out..for half an hour on thursday night. the netherlands finest..heh..

7/27/2002 07:07:00 PM email catie jump! to top

tp stixxx blah

7/27/2002 06:30:00 PM email tp stixxx jump! to top

rocketo I thought I would open up the ol' AKOW mailbag for my next outing. So here it is.

Our first letter goes something like this:
I'm a big fan of your site. You're all really funny, especially that rocket guy. Yeah! Being a teenager rules! Right? Am I right? Yeah!
anonymous in "Oval Stone"

Thanks, mom.

Our next letter's a bit different. It's real.
My friend and I were having a debate. Is it pronounced A KOW (a cow) or A KOW (ay koh)?
krissy and jessie

Krissy, Jessie: I've prepared a small video to explain.

Finally, we have a question from loyal fan Piter Dukyl who writes,
Do you like ducks? Would you like to have your own duck?

I'll let my fellow ay-kohers answer this one in the comments section.

7/27/2002 06:01:00 PM email rocketo jump! to top

mafai I just got from the gym, not only is my shirt really soaked, and I'm extremely tired, never go to the gym on less than 4 hours of sleep. Now off to a nice ass shower to feel squeaky clean later. I love water; however being a person who can barely swim, I should probably stay away from large bodies of water. Anyways, I ran into one of my friends there and I think we'll be heading off for dinner in a few. He happens to be vegan so I am not going to be eating any meat tonite. I need some advil, a have a friggin headache.

A song for el gym: P.O.D. - Alive

7/27/2002 05:33:00 PM email mafai jump! to top

sourpatchkid i'm so fucking tired. nothing too exciting has happened yet. over at ivey's house. we will eat and then head to joshy's about 7. i brought my paintings folks. you will be bored!!!!! i will write more randomness later. my eyeballs hurt. i went paintballing this morning and got my ass kicked. i got hit right on the side of my face by my eye. my goggles had fallen off. so now i have green paint and a big busted eye. it's black and blue and swollen. my eyes are bloodshot. i look ugly.

7/27/2002 05:01:00 PM email sourpatchkid jump! to top

catie wow, i've been missing all the fun over here... i have a lot of catching up to do. making smoothies for 8 hours sucks...actually, it was pretty slow today. i made a stupid 4 bucks in tips. anyway, woo! i'll be posting in a couple hours. be prepared for pictures, people.. pictures!!!!!

7/27/2002 04:30:00 PM email catie jump! to top

Mike Todd is so smooth with all of those Top 5 lists, so I think I'll do one myself.

Top 5 Movies of this year (so far)

5. Panic Room (i think that was the name of it... with jodie foster)
4. Eight-Legged Freaks
3. Jason X
2. The Rookie
1. Halloween 8

This list is subject to change, of course. Am I forgetting anything important?

OK, I'm off to Baton Rouge now. I shall post again in 12 hours. Josh is alive! Happy Blogging!

7/27/2002 03:58:00 PM email Mike jump! to top

rocketo Have you ever had one of those weird dreams where nothing seems to be going right, and your neck hurts? That's what the 12:30-3:30 timeframe was like for me. See that? I'd bet you would never expect me to miss one, but that's what happened. That's what happened here.

My mouth is all weird and goofy. It's a hollow, vacuous cavern filled with a slimy goo. That slimy goo feels like my tongue. My tonsils are expanding. My teeth are covered in donut hole plaque. I think I went into some kind of epileptic fit. That was weird, I tells ya. I dunno what happened. Geez.

song of the half hour: fuck fuck fuck, fuck.

7/27/2002 03:39:00 PM email rocketo jump! to top

tp stixxx i just got back from the apartment, doing some MORE recording. hehe.. everytime we think we're done, we always have to go back and change or add something. so.. i think we're done recording now. i hope we are. i listened to the first few tracks on my way back just now, and it sounds so awesome. it makes me happy.

i also stopped at mcdonald's on my way home, and i got the new grilled chicken flatbread sandwich... haven't tried it yet, but i will once i post... so, next post, i'll let you know how it is.

i can feel it. those diabetic kids are getting cured already.

Top 5 bugs
5. praying mantis
4. slug
3. fireflies
2. stick bug
1. doodle bug

jammin' to: "King Just For A Day" - Teen Idols

7/27/2002 03:00:00 PM email tp stixxx jump! to top

linus my arm is asleep so, in its stead i will be using a coathanger with a candy cigarette shimmied on the end. i'm classy, but im also going back to bed.

7/27/2002 02:30:00 PM email linus jump! to top

Mike So, it's 2:00. Time to post. Time to post links to new Robinsons MP3's. So here ya go.

Teen Town USA

Dana Is A Punk

(Right-click those links and select "save target as.")

I've given up on playing with dirt for today. After I shower, I'm going to my Grandma's house for her birthday (you should probably call, Todd) and then I'm off to Baton Rouge for the Travoltas!

Have fun posting... If you listen to the MP3's, let me know what you think... See you soon...

7/27/2002 01:58:00 PM email Mike jump! to top

mafai You know what's crazy? My parents are coming to Austin for a day just to teach me organic chemistry before I even have to take the class. So therefore I am studying organic chemistry. How fun!!! You know the label (1-Ethyl-5-methylcyclohexane), actually has a real meaning!!! I'm damn smart now, so thus I'm going to take over the world, me and the Mafia.

7/27/2002 01:30:00 PM email mafai jump! to top

sourpatchkid simon is my ghetto ass laptop that doesn't like to work. i'm tired. 15 hrs of sleep this week is killing me. man last night rocked. ran into elija woods again. i can't spell his name. but yeah...saw lighteningbolt and hung with e.w. it's hard to read his signals but i think he likes me. well i know he likes me but will i be for real or just his toy? he's the best kisser ever, but tara reid was getting all pissy and ruined the moment. she actually thinks he likes her. dream on tara. he likes you about as much as the intellectual and perplexing qualities you bring to your "films"

7/27/2002 12:31:00 PM email sourpatchkid jump! to top

linus ahhh, noon. how i despise waking up at your untimely hour. but yet, i did it anyway, just so i could blog. who said americans are spoiled, ungrateful, fat, consumer-driven people? fuck. and now you people who love freedom, peanut butter, shakespeare, and bubble gum, you people who dont smell like real people because you hide it under brand name deoderant, i have typed this just for you. so, eat some sort of sweetened cereal, and if a house falls on you, that probably means your a witch.
love, damion.

7/27/2002 11:56:00 AM email linus jump! to top

mafai It's finally the weekend and I get to work on my website, I'm a happy camper. I'm thinking the last time I did this, I was up all weekend, through the nite and the morning. When Andrew gets delusional from no sleep, I get pretty tipsy and funny. But I got sleep this time. I have yet to work on Josh's part in my website, but I'm sure it'll be allllllll great and dandy. My but hurts from sitting for hours on end and my muscles hurt from running yesterday, I think my body is trying to tell me something.

7/27/2002 11:33:00 AM email mafai jump! to top

tp stixxx so.. i'm just sitting here in front the computer, listening to some tunes, and comprising my ultimate DVD wish list. that's right. i'm on Amazon.com, and just scrolling through the alphabetical list of all the movies, and picking out the ones i would like to own. shutup. hehe.. you're a dork too. i got through the Action/Adventure category, and i just started on the Comedy... so far i have like over 100 movies listed, which by average DVD price is already over a thousand dollars. hehe... the end result should be fun.

so while all you texans are partying, us tennesseans are doing more PRODUCTIVE things inbetween blog posts. hehe... just keep that in mind while you're playing your stupid party games. (segue to top 5...)

Top 5 Birthday party games:
5. "wack that piƱata!"
4. "foods" swimming pool game
3. hide and go seek, in the dark (with flashlights)
2. pillow fight, in the dark (no flashlights)
1. McDonald's "drop the straw in the cup"

jammin' to: "Sonny" - New Found Glory

7/27/2002 11:00:00 AM email tp stixxx jump! to top

sourpatchkid i hate simon

7/27/2002 10:42:00 AM email sourpatchkid jump! to top

Mike As I was telling Josh, here in New Orleans, we're all SINKING. To combat nature and its evil sinking ways, we pour dumptruck loads of sand onto our lawn and proceed to spread it out, only to watch it all wash away with the season's first tropical storm. So yeah, I bought my house 2 1/2 years ago, and we're finally doing the "sand" thing. It's a corner house, 2 lots basically, so we got 2 loads. It came on Thursday, and I thought we'd be finished by last night. Ha. By "ha," I mean, "No freaking way." We may have spread about 1/3 of that dirt. It keeps raining, which doesn't help. I also decided to dig up like 20 little bushes, so that delayed me. This is fun stuff.

To make this a little more enjoyable, I set up part of the Robinsons' P.A. system outside and blast some music by running my stereo through the P.A. Our stereo holds 51 CD's, so at least I keep music running the whole time. That makes it a little better.

Speaking of music and The Robinsons, we will be posting 3 MP3's today. We recorded our last CD over the past 6-7 weeks and it's finally done. One of the songs is already posted at The Radiant Radish. If you're interested, go down to the section called "MP3 of the Moment" right below the articles. I'll post 2 more on the Robinsons site at 2:00. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, Todd's cool. (That used to say, "Todd's a bum," but then he woke up.)

Time to play with sand!

7/27/2002 10:10:00 AM email Mike jump! to top

tp stixxx alright.. here we go... hehe.. i'm not signed on AIM, so josh can't tell that i'm online. haha.. i hope he's having a heart attack because he almost gave me one last night. he goes "you DO know that the blogathon is SATURDAY, right?" and the the first thing i thought was "shit! what day did i ask off of work? what's tomorrow?? isn't it saturday??" .. hehe.. finally, i realized that i was fully aware that the thing was today and i was perfectly prepared. so, eat it josh. haha... in case you're wondering, we're doing this blogathon for the Juvenile Diabetes foundation. i picked that one because my friend James is a juvenile diabetic (well.. he's over 18 now.. so.. i don't know if he's technically juvenile anymore..) but, i'm sure he'd be proud that we're doing this for his peoples' benefit.

alright, i guess i'm shutting up now... i need to start doing some laundry. here's your first top 5 list of the day..

Top 5 worst band names:
5. Saliva
4. Broken Pic (local Chalmette band)
3. Staind
2. Alien Ant Farm
1. Red Hot Chili Peppers

jamming to: "Perfect" - Simple Plan

7/27/2002 09:30:00 AM email tp stixxx jump! to top

mafai So me and Alyssa sent a card back home to my parents for their 25th wedding anniversary, it's always a good thing to know someone isn't getting divorced these days. We also got to goto the Jewel concert this last weekend, at the Backyard. I got the tickets for a cheaper penny and the taxi there was more than the tickets, which really surpised me, taxi's are rip offs. Atleast it was a cool old indian man named Ali. Perhaps he was an Arabian Knight, Ali Baba, and perhaps if I wished something he would have gotten his genie to get it for me.

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linus hahaha. oh man. today is going to be great. i nearly forgot my username, so you almost didnt get to read this. shit, huh? yes. well, i also thought that this blogathon affair was on a sunday. my day off. thats why i was eager to do it. but i finds out its not on sunday. its on saturday. fuck. its my fault for not even checking what day, and just thinking it was sunday. whoah. my sentences are falling apart like water-fat ramen. 8:30 down, bitches.

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rocketo feel the collapse
Now is the time for all good boys and girls to celebrate. We here at All Kinds of Weird (akow) have an entire day jam-packed full of doohdahs and whoopties. For starters, feel free to openly ogle at the new AKOW banner at the top. See that? That says blogathon edition, and it's no joke! Even our pictures and dates have been fixed! It's like a bright, shiny Canadian penny! The AKOW seven are ready, willing and able to shoot you fun and merriment every thirty minutes for the next twenty-four hours, and we'll be happy to introduce some Very Special Guests throughout the day, so be sure to keep an eye out!

We'll be eleven months old in seventeen days. That's a lot of poo to fling, but we eleven are the monkeys that can do it! Let's go!

song of the half hour: foo fighters, everlong (acoustic)

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today is Wednesday

rocketo like humans do
case in point, mike:
I was on my way to a fiona apple concert, and had myself believing this so much that I specifically remember writing down in pete that her show was July 25, and as I was driving my driver's side mirror was ripped off by a bat-wielding youth in a green Ford F-150. It hung there, delicately, on two wires and what appeared to be sticky tack before the entire car started emitting a high-pitched wail. Imagine the sound that may occur if all of your eyelashes were ripped off. Imagine clipping your toenails much too short and kicking a brick wall barefoot. This is what my car sounded like.

The next thing I know, I'm at home, watching TV with my sister. Gilmore Girls comes on, and I move to change the channel. Little Rachel protests, and I immediately begin smothering her with a pillow. After a few minutes, she stops struggling. And the clincher? I decide to watch Gilmore Girls after all.

These are my dreams. As I've said before, I want rockstar dreams now.

song of the day: the robinsons, i just spilled my drink on the prom queen

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today is Monday

tp stixxx it was late at night. maybe like 2 or 3 in the morning. it started out with my friend kevin and i walking in this field. why we were walking in a field, i have no idea. but.. we came upon this big, scary old house. and, we heard these freaky whispers coming from it. we decided that we should go inside and check it out. so... we get up to the entrance, where you can't see inside because it's totally pitch black. so, what i do is just bust into the door and start screaming at the top of my lungs. kevin follows me in, and suddenly we can see... we see that there are stairs, and we hear that those damn whispers are coming from upstairs. so.... we start up the stairs, and suddenly i realize that we should probably have weapons for this. kevin agrees, then quickly pulls out his "weapons menu" where listed are his two weapons that he's carrying: a pick axe, and a regular axe. he selects the pick axe, and then chooses the option "drop". the pick axe now lies on the floor, and i pick it up. so now.. we are armed and ready to fight this evil that awaits us upstairs. we get to the second floor and we come to the room where the noise is coming from. we walk inside and we see that there is a light coming from the closet. we open the closet to reveal....................... a half-bodied boy with a knife in his hand and blood all over himself. for some reason this boy had no legs, and he killed somebody. we asked him what he had done, but i don't remember what his answer was. the next thing i knew, we were downstairs in the same house and there were all these people there. a lot of our friends from high school were there, and one in particular - kevin's cousin missy - was going around asking everyone how they were doing in school and what they were planning to do when they got out of college. and.. everyone had these nice goals that they were all on their way to acheiving. i remember mike saying that he was in the perfect position to finish school in 2 years and then he'd have a job in new york city and he'd be able to pay rent. i was sort of jealous of him when he said that. then, missy asked me what i was up to. and i said, "i'm a musician". and then she turned around and ignored me. finally... the reason all these people were here... Feable Weiner was starting to set up and play! all of a sudden my parents and my brothers walk in just in time for the show. they played one song, and then they were about to play "strawberry debutante" and i told brett "dude, you're going to love this song".... so.. they played that song and as far as i remember the show was over. after that, all the people went to this park to play kickball. and everyone was lining up on the right side of the plate so they could kick the ball. that was the rule: right side of the plate only. so.. my dad and my brother got pissed because they knew if they could only kick from the right side of the plate that they couldn't kick the ball very far. but... they also said that if they were kicking from the left side of the plate then it wouldn't even be a contest - they'd kick the ball to far. so... they decided not to play, and i didn't play either. the next stop was to my aunt and uncle's new house. (but.. on the way walking over there, we saw this old man picking up his newspaper. and i had DEJA VU that i had seen this man doing the same thing!) by this time it was like 4 in the morning, and my aunt had invited us inside to see the house. but we had to be quiet because they kids were sleeping. the weird thing was that once we got inside and my mom was talking to my aunt angie, i relized that she WAS NOT my aunt. she looked totally different. she looked like 10 years older and she was smoking a cigarette. but i didn't realize it at the time, i only realize it now looking back. anyway.. that was about the end of my dream.

i'm gonna have a little debbie's pecan spinwheel now.

"her brother calls me blowjob, when i call her on the phone, he says, 'hey fuck-wad, are you whackin' it? are you whackin' it?' no. but is your sister home?" -- (nerf herder - "new jersey girl")

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today is Saturday

rocketo next saturday - look for us here!
8am, 1pm, 3:30p, 6:30p, 10p, 12:30a, 4:30a
8:30a, 12p, 2:30p, 6p, 8:30p, 1:30a, 7:30a
9a, 11:30a, 1:30p, 5:30p, 9:30p, 1a, 3:30a
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10a, 2p, 4:30p, 4a, 5:30a, 7a, 8a
10:30a, 12:30p, 5p, 8p, 10:30p, 2:30a, 6a
4p, 7:30p, 9p, 11p, 12a, 3a, 5a

highlights are linked

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which mr. men/little miss are you?
take the quiz & find out!
quiz made by jaded_dazey

thanks to sharon

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today is Thursday

rocketo love the sinner, hate the sin
The first-ever International Weblogger Meetup took place tonight. It was an evening full of fun, excitement, confusion, and boredom. The night started at a small table in the old Ruta Maya (now hastily dubbed halcyon) with one serious weblogger (who reminded me of mr. johnson) and a dubious female named Rachel. She walked up to the table at the same time I did, and we sat down. Rachel started eating Johnathan's sandwich, but he stopped her from drinking his drink, too. I think she has herpes. Soon, more bloggers joined: one aspiring code-driven blogger, a husband and wife blogging team, and a regular writer. Rachel quickly left after smoking half a pack of cigarettes that weren't hers (and attempting to take the rest of the pack, nonchalantly, as she left), and we deduced she was less blogger and more dirty thief.

Overall, a lot of connections were made. We all talked about our blogs, our software, and other stuff dorks talk about when they're together. It is good to know that there are talented people languishing in obscurity, because we can all use the others to raise ourselves. We agreed that blogging is one of the best things to happen in our time -- it has the ability to transform the world into pundits, globalize thoughts, and strengthen the abilities of the once-obscure.

song of the day: the eels, mr. e's beautiful blues

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today is Wednesday

sourpatchkid i'm in a weird mood.
i was fine and midway through having coffee with friends, it changes.
i don't know what it is.
i don't know why.
i've been having mini panic attacks before going to bed.
i already stay up super late, but now i try avoiding going to sleep.
so i don't go to bed till 5:30.. as soon as the light go out i get very nervous and queasy.
i start thinking of terrorist attacks.
i know that sounds silly.
since last week i've been scared.
i was in a deep slumber and there was a horrible thunder clap that woke me up.
i shot straight up and the 1st thought that crossed my mind was that "they've bombed the UT tower"
(i live pretty much on campus).
i have no idea where that thought came from.
but now i've been having horrible dreams.
i can't sleep and i am always nervous.
i'm ranting, but i feel like i'm in this sub world.
that everything normal that goes on around me is a facade.
that people have no idea what's really going on.
they are so fucking naive, it seems only i can see.
at the same time, i know that is bullshit.
i know that it is not real.
basically 1 minute i'm fine, the next i'm all funky.
and i feel like i can see how people really see me and i'm tired of it.
i have all these other sides to me that no one even realizes or considers that i have.
it's always been like that and it never seems to change.
i'm just fucking tired of everything.
losing my patience with myself and others.
sometimes i just wanna go off on people and just be rude because i can.
but i'm not like that.
i think i'm a nice person, i'm sure others may disagree.
anywho...i hope you all don't think i've completly gone fucking mad.
i know i contridict myself in this.
and this probably doesn't make sense.
just have this huge jumble of intense feelings i don't know what to do with.

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rocketo greasers
We're slowly coming down to the wire here at AKOW. We are officially part of the blogathon 2002, and we already have our first sponsor! We need at least two more by Friday if we're going to stay in the race, but then we can keep rallying for donations all the way up to The Big Day.

Remember, all proceeds go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Finally, an organization that means something.

And the party is on, I guess. Directions to my house are incredibly simple. We already have a lot of fun planned for Saturday -- our musicians will be releasing clips and songs at key times throughout the day, our resident photographers will post pictures, and much more. You know, I always feel really cheesy when I fund-raise.

song of the day: cujo, break charmer

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today is Tuesday

sourpatchkid hi there... wow 2 blogs in 1 day!
so yeah, i'm at work!
woohoo!!!! i'm really hyper.
i've had 2 red bulls and neglecting things that need to be done.
last night i saw "pumpkin" this really sorta off the wall dark comedy with christina ricci.
she is this sorority girl who falls for a retard(he is really cute).
i would totally fall for him.
haha. anyway.
was good, but felt that it was slightly choppy in the sequence of things.
i'm working on my 3rd painting, that is still not finished but might be the best so far.
hopefully i won't fuck it up.
i think i might get some coffee tonight if any1 wants to join(psst! catie, josh...wanna come?)
other than that i don't have too much else going on.
trying to finish my book on experiments done to twin jewish children in the holocaust.
it's disturbing.
speaking of books... i was broke as fuck this past week and so i thought i would go sell some books at 1/2 price.
8 hard covers in good condition and a paperback that i had bought there the week before(still in good condition).
i had to walk my ass there and waint an hour.
then they finally ring up the price.
i was soooo pissed.
what really got me was that the book i had bought the week before was 7 fucking dollars.
i told them that but they didn't care.
so after all that time they had the nerve to ask me if i wanted to go ahead and sell...well of course! anyway i must get back to work. later hoe's

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tp stixxx it's ok, guys... i'll be there in spirit. but just to let you know, i am the master pillowfighter. world champion in fact. so.. maybe it's much better that i didn't go and bust some pillowfighting ass. grrrrr.

anyway.. here's some pictures of my band, Second Saturday:

look! it's us trying to look like the ramones!

for some reason wyatt cheers at a non-existent volleyball game. what a dummy.

nice day in the park....

webpage coming soon... to anyone that has AIM, and a sort of fast connection, i have one minute clips of a couple songs that i can send out.... the CD will be done in about a month, hopefully. my screen name is "tpstixxx". big surprise.

"I know tha shizzy, 'bout to hit tha fizzy. so whatcha think about that... mah nizzy?" -- ven venom

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sourpatchkid hey dudes and dudettes....here's a semi awesome idea (i rarely have them so we'll just say brilliant). for the blogathon, josh and i were discussing a slumber partay at his place. it would be easier for us to stay awake and remember our rotation. plus i think it would be wicked fun (yes...wicked i said). i realize that this excludes todd and mike, but like i told josh, ya'll are rockstars and we are so not. not even close. so that makes you guys much cooler than us, well, me anyway. our cause is the juvenile diabetes research foundation. josh you can add the link for that cuz i'm too retarded. anyway, email or call josh for details (mobile: 656-7883). it should be fun!

edited by josh to add linkies

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today is Monday

linus cheer up, honey, i hope you can.

man. my best friend just found out that he got his girlfriend pregnent. hes getting married and joining the airforce in a month because of it. he doesn't love the girl, or want the kid. so it goes. we've been best friends for 9 years. Best fucking friends. hes one of my 4 roommates. and now hes going to be gone for 4 years. i dont even know what to feel. its going to be hard. i cant even write anything humorous or entertaining, so this was and is a complete waste of your time to read. i just needed to write it down. i also would like to write this down. "FUCKGAHKARRHHHARRAHSHIIEAHFUCKKK."

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rocketo i tell ivey everything
yawuza: do you think AKOW is up for a blogathon?
Catie I: do what?
yawuza: get with it, ivey!
Catie I: i've been outta it!
yawuza: july twenty-seventh. international blogathon.
Catie I: haha
yawuza: all participants must blog once every half hour for twenty four hours. they get sponsors for charity.
Catie I: whoaaaa
Catie I: thats hardcore
yawuza: yeah it is.
yawuza: i'm gonna do it for my site, but I think akow may have a chance.
yawuza: not everyone must blog at once -- it's by site, so we could relay or sound off or something.
Catie I: propose it
yawuza: i am. what do you think?

a word from josh: by now, you may have heard about this blogathon idea circulating around the net. As we've demonstrated over the past few days with an astonishing number of posts from members long thought dead, I am confident we can do this. Arrangements must be made if we are to do this. We need a charity (this money must go somewhere). We need sponsors (at least three). Most importantly, we need participation. The blog must be active at least once every half hour. This isn't impossible, but the rewards are huge. Please let me know, either way. We must decide before July 20, and the 'thon starts a week after that (6:00 am pst)

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today is Sunday

sourpatchkid fuck having to retype this piece of shit....
unlike ivey's(weird calling her that) my week was oddly filled with events.
i hung out with friends and went to a show on friday.
it was nifty.
yesterday i went and saw well hung jury with josh and that was cool.
then we wasted some time at double daves before heading out to my friend's party.
we drive all the way out to BFE(how middle school)and get somewhat lost.
i wasn't paying attention and apparently am not able to read directions very well.
we show up and are pretty much the first to arrive.
it was quite uncomfortable for a while.
the only people i knew so far, lived at the house and were trying to get things ready.
but as time wore on, more people from my past arrived.
i love my boys and rarely get to see them, let alone all at once.
it was very cool.
so i talked and mingled, i think josh was having fun.
then it was time for bye byes around 4ish.
josh seemed very hyper driving me home screaming like a little girl..haha
i was hoping he would get shit faced and miraculously sober up to drive me home.
alas he did not, but did have 2 drinks.
i think i've only seen him consume an alcoholic beverage once.
anyway, i get home and hug him and as i was doing that nice gesture, he punches me in the eye!
he says it was on accident, but i think he did it on purpose, before he beat me he had called me by another "friend's" name who we don't like much.
he loves me.
my black eye tells me so. jk
so that was last night and i had a lot of fun.
today was another treat as my boys(i sound ghetto or i sound llike a slut when i say that)
took me out to lunch at texadelphia and bought me a few rounds of games at einstein's.
very weird and awesome to hang with them 2 days ina row!.
anywho....that is all for now.
later- lela

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catie i just got back in town from my family vacation. the first plans were to go to disneyworld for the week...but, that soon changed when my mom realized how hot and unrelaxing that would have been. so, instead..we rented a beach house in galveston for a week. and it was nice. ...i didn't drive down there until wednesday morning. wednesday morning was also the date of my first ticket...80 in a 70. i was trying to get up a hill...in my '86 blazer! give me a break..heh. anyway.

it was a pretty uneventful week..which i think was the point of it. all in all...i missed the internet. yes, i now admit...i'm mildly addicted to the internet. happy?? but now i'm home..and i have to go work tomorrow morning. blah.

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mafai So within the last week, I got a call from my dad, and he was like...."Hey!, we're in town, we are going to dinner. You are welcome to invite Alyssa if she is free." This was quite unexpected and Alyssa was nervous. They had just caught us when we got back from the gym and we were all sweaty and gross. But me being the perfectionist was like...hey can we take showers first and then head out? So they waited for about 30 minutes and we got back and headed out for dinner. We found a nice place on Sixth Street. It was a nice Mexican restaurant Ningas. Expensive entrees but hey, I guess that's what you should expect from a place on 6th. But after the dinner and after my parents got back home. There was the good news. My dad wrote an email "We enjoyed the dinner last night with you and Alyssa. She is easier to talk to, sweet and pretty. Mommy said Alyssa is "good looking" after she saw her pictures last week. She upgraded her comment to 'prettier in person than in picture'. Set appearance aside, we liked she grew up with care, love and good guidance from her mom and grandma. Strong family support and understanding is important for any lasting relationship for couples." So alls well that ended well I guess. But it's snazzy that my parents dig her now!

News: Now that some of my summer classes are done, I can start a new personal website...Coming soon

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tp stixxx the po-po tried to catch me speeding tonight on my way home. but, of course, i'm much too slick. maybe next time, you nazi bastards.


"this is it. don't get scared now" -- Kevin McAllister (Home Alone)

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today is Saturday

rocketo what monty said
The state quarter finalists were announced recently. Unofficially, 'a' was picked, even if the star is centered nowhere near our beautiful capitol.
I've been stuck playing a dumb matchstick game for the entirety of my waking hours recently, thanks to catatoniac.com. Plus, the newest chapter of steppenwolf came out, so that was friggin frustrating for a while.

I'm gonna go get some coffee. woo!

song of the day: powerman 5000, blast off to nowhere
quote of the day: "Hang the goddamn tag on the window!" -- fifty-something woman to her husband in the HEB parking lot.
"You're over there, you hang the fucking tag." -- his reply

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today is Friday

Mike These new Doritos are amazing. They're so small, yet they retain their BIG taste. And the container is amazing. It fits in your car cup-holder. The top can be used as a snack cup or it can be attached to the bottom while you snack. And your chips won't get smashed in your bag when you travel. Great invention!

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today is Thursday

tp stixxx when i am rich here's the collection of movies i'm gonna own: all tom hanks movies, all john cusack movies, all quentin tarantino movies, and all stephen king stories that were turned into movies. plus, a ton of others of course... oh yeah.. and all of reese witherspoon and rachael leigh cook's movies. probably all of adam sandler's movies, but not little nicky. definitely all of eddie murphy's movies BEFORE he started sucking, which was like... anything in the 90s. oh.. all the cool gangster movies too. i already own GoodFellas, but i still need Casino. i also need all the Godfather movies. i love gangster movies. especially ones that take place in NYC. a lot of the movies i like take place in NYC. oh.. i'll also own all Arnold Schwarzennegar movies. even though a lot of them aren't too good, i'm still gonna own them just so i can say that i have them all. and i'm pretty sure i'll have all of bette midler's films. that's a joke. i won't own any of her movies. but... i will... and you can quote me on this: i will own It's A Wonderful Life. that's one of my all time favorite movies. i'm gonna have like the ULTIMATE christmas movie collection. because i love christmas, and there are a lot of good christmas movies. like, the santa clause, a christmas story, christmas vacation, nightmare before christmas (which i already own the DVD and soundtrack of), scrooged, jingle all the way, miracle on 34th street, the grinch, and many others.
i'll also have the entire steven spielberg collection INCLUDING WITHOUT A DOUBT the goonies, which he did not direct, but wrote. and of course i'll own the karate kid series and the back to the future series.... that's about all i can think of for now...

it's time to boogie...

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today is Tuesday

tp stixxx it's me. i'm here. have no fear. it's ok to feel queer. just, relax and have a beer. because i am tp stixxx. i promise the pictures tomorrow, josh. goodnight for now

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rocketo where is donnie
I am josh's horribly mangled faith in Nashville rockers.

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today is Saturday

rocketo metropolitan
For the last two days, I have been spending much of my hosting hours behind the bar. I stayed late one afternoon while serving a long table when several rowdy bar customers entered. They ordered drinks, and I made them all wrong. Mike, our incredible bartender, has been patiently teaching me the ways of the bar. In the past two evenings, I've made everything from a manhattan to a vodka tonic, from a cosmo to a whiskey sour. I am a drink-making killa. Also, I forgot to wake up this morning and run. I am a bad person.

song of the day: tracy bonham, navy bean

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today is Wednesday

linus INTERVIEW WITH DANIEL JOHNSTON from my Big Brother magazine, bitches.

Tyler: I've got my friend with me.
Steve: Hi Daniel, how are you?
Daniel: How ya doin there?
Where are you in Texas?
I live outside of Austin, Texas - Wallard, Texas. This small town.
We're in California. You were just out here weren't you?
Oh it was alot of fun, it was. We went to Matt Groening's house and went swimming in the ocean.
I don't like the ocean, because I always got stung by stingrays.
Oh, we didn't go that far. Stingrays, huh?
If you get bit or stung, you have to pee on them. It helps the stinging.
Me and Steve are trying to start a band.
No one wants to listen, you know? We freestyle alot, but not like rap kinda freestyle with the girls in the hall, bouncin' the ball all aroooooooound you!
Pretty good.
See, I don't like rap. Thats were we get into problems.
Well, I rap, and Tyler starts jammin' on the guitar, and it just kind of ends up a little weird, but some people like it.
Well, good luck with your music, then.
What are you doing tonight?
Well, I was just listening to some records and playing some music, you know?
I might try to go out with a girl tonight and get to second base with her.
There you go. Playing baseball with her or something?
Yeah, playing a little baseball, if you know what i'm talking about, Daniel, and I know you do.
Yeah, I think I know what you're talking about.
Lover boy, Daniel.
There you go.
How are you doing with the ladies? Do you kiss them and stuff?
Yeah, I usually get some girls to come around after the shows, you know. I come on to them. I get some kisses, but i don't usually go too far. I'm kinda shy.
How do you initiate it, I mean what's your line?
I say, give me a kiss or something, you know. Give me a kiss girly.
You don't want kids running around in every state you go to.
Yeah, really, you know it. But because I live way out here, way far away from town, and because i don't have a car of my own, I really don't have that many girlfriends that I'm able to see on a regular basis, because when I go out of town, I ride with my friends, and i don't really have that many girlfriends of my own that I get to see that often cause i live out here way far away.
Daniel? Have you ever accidently walked in on your mom taking a shit?
No, no I don't think I have.
That just happened to me, and it was stinky.
Do you have any other hobbies besides music and stuff?
Drawings, and I sell my art. I do shows in alot of galleries around the United States.
Do you have any guys that you are really into that are kinda new that are up right now?
I don't really know. I just keep buying old records, cheap records, you know? Elton John, Beatles. Because I don't really know who these new people are, and i don't watch MTV that much, not that I don't like MTV, it's just that I don't remember to watch it. But when MTV first came out, I watched it 24 hours a day. My friend had it, and I would stay all night, and I'd get home at 3 o clock in the morning, and my mom would yell at me all the time, "what are you doing?" and I said "I'm watchin MTV." I think it's alright, but I don't really know whos who. It's amazing how rap music has been the same for 20 years.
Did you just tour L.A. and go back home?
Yeah, we toured L.A. and I just got back from South Africa with my dad. We made a film about King Kong. I went on a safari. We saw a bunch of rhinos and giraffes.
Did you see any natives?
No, we didn't see any natives, but there were alot of black people there. Alot of really beautiful black women. We ate in some African restaurants, and there was pretty good food. And the comic books were real cheap.
Whats your favorite comic book?
Captain America, Jack Kirby comic books and stuff like that.
Tyler draws comic books sometimes.
Oh yeah?
He's no good. They stink.
Just because you're my friend that doesn't mean I have to be nice to you. Okay. Daniel, before highschool dances I would get very nervous, and so I would have to masturbate before I went to the actual dance. You know, in the shower. Before you go onstage, do you ever have to rub one off real fast?
No, I don't think, I don't think, I don't think so.
Have you ever been to jail?
Yes, I have been to jail. I got into a fight with some cops a few years ago and ended up in jail for a few weeks.
With cops?
Yeah, I knocked a bunch of them around.
Yeah, there was about three or four of them, and I just knocked them all around for a few seconds there, man. And they got me into a cop car, and that was it. It was an elated feeling to knock them all around for some reason.
I'm drinking some Black Voodoo, have you ever heard of that beer?
No, I'll tell you what, though, I've been drinking this root beer, and i bought four two liter bottles, and I don't know what they're putting in this stuff, man, cause I'm telling you, it's driving me silly.
It's driving you silly?!
It's cold, and it just drives me crazy. I'm just loving it. I just drink it, and I feel so stupid, I'm like laughing at everything, and then I was trying to write a thousand, you know? I was trying to think of the word a thousand, and I couldn't spell it, and I was writing letters all across the page, and I couldn't figure it out, and I was laughing at myself. Absolutely hilarious.
Man, I gotta get me some of that.
It's hilarious root beer.

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today is Tuesday

rocketo the voice of reason
Our beautiful pictures have returned. Order is restored. I know you've all been waiting to hear that.

visit joshrocket.net because I think it's awesome.

top five recent searches (these are real)
5. fucking friend's mom (I wouldn't recommend it, sonny)
4. all kinds of fish description (I've only mentioned catfish)
3. her name was that of a bird donnie darko (it was sparrow, by the way)
2. free pictures of brother seducing sisters (what the fuck?!)
1.all kinds of fucking (we deserved this one)

catie thinks it's because we all have foul mouths. i'm fucking inclined to agree, ass face. shitsy. goodnight, everybody!

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linus we went mudding today, but not truck mudding. belly mudding. listen; it must be raining, and have been raining all day. and rain. HAH. find a grassy hill. run down the hill at full speed. slide into mud puddles. hit your head, get mud in your eyes, or scrape your back on various twiggerys. also. i waited 30 minutes after work to get across a flooded bridge. a fire man said "hey, you cant go. wait 30 minutes or so until the river lowers." and then i nodded because im cool, and cool people dont give verbal responses. ungh.

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today is Monday

sourpatchkid hey there folks. how's it going? great i really don't care.

so last night cath and i went to see a friend of mine. we thought we should go bearing gifts. so we went to toy joy(cath's 1st time) and the porn shop(cath and i are regulars). we walked in and frank was working. "hey girls. i got those new vids in the back for ya." yay!!!!!!!!! i was so excited. cath and i both ordered "spank black booty" and "cocks in twats 5000" (limited edition).

so we were browsing the aisle. lactation here, wet teens there....and then i STOPPED!!!!!!!! on the cover of a porno was my 4th grade teacher mr. haygood. spread...eagle... in RAUNCHMASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god!!!!!!!! it was so horrible.

i had to look away. but get this. CATH! was all flustered and kept looking. needless to say i was all grossed out. we prompltly left with my vids in hand(can't wait!!!) and cath with hers and some toys she bought(what a freak i tell ya...should've seen what she picked out...ugh). then we went to juan's and watched donnie darko.

all in all it was an ok night. nothing too special. ok bye
p.s. apparently i'm the "sassy" one and cath is the brain

quote of the day: crouching tiger hidden frenchman-juan on brotherhood of the wolf

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